Paper Bangle

This is another very easy craft to do. I even taught this one to 6 year olds, given theirs came out loose and unique, but hey thats perfect! Each and everyone of their beads were different and they had fun and that is what it is really about.

It is also a very cheap project that allows you to get rid of some more of those magazines and newspapers you have laying around.

Everything in this project is reused from stuff that would have been thrown away, so it is basically free!

Paper Bangle


  • An Old Magazine
  • An Old Section of Newspaper
  • Fiscars Paper Trimmer
  • Glue Stick
  • Recycled Electrical Wire (not shown here)


Take the magazine and angle it in the paper trimmer and cut triangular shaped strips

Continue to do this until you have finished cutting the whole page into triangular shaped strips. A second page was actually stuck to the page I was cutting so I accidently cut both, so less cutting for me. Do not worry if they are not even it is ok if they are not.

After you have all of the magazine strips cut you will want to cut up the newspaper. First you will want to cut the newspaper in half. This will make it so you are not rolling up really thick beads.

Now cut the newspaper just like you cut the magazine into triangular strips.

Once both types of strips are cut you can begin to roll them in to bi-cone shaped beads. Start with the widest end of the strip and start rolling it toward the skinny side of the strip. Note: keep the roll as tight as possible.

Once you have rolled the bead until there is only a small tab left you will want to put some glue of the tab and finish rolling up the bead.

Now you have finished the bead!

Now finish a few of each bead. I had three types orange magazine, white and blue magazine, and newspaper print.

Now that you have finished enough beads to make a bracelet grab some wire, I used the recycled electrical wire, and put the beads on the wire. Tie the wire in two over hand knots  and tuck the extra wire into the beads.

You have just finished your paper bangle!


Jeweled Phone Cover

One of my fellow graduate students gave me this idea because she did not like her new phone’s cover and found it to be bland, and it didn’t really show her personality.

So I decided to try this project and if it worked well then I would help her do it to her phone. Because who doesn’t like a little sparkle to their phones? Well maybe some guys don’t, but that just leaves the shiny stuff for us ladies.

Jeweled Phone Cover


  • Old Phone Cover
  • Tulip “Glam it Up” iron on glass crystals (in colors of your choosing)
  • Tulip iron tool (or super glue if you can’t find the tool)


The first thing you will want to do is choose the colors that you will use on your phone cover. I choose orange and clear crystals for mine.

Next you will want to design your layout with the crystals on the phone cover. This will allow you to see if the pattern will work. I started to layout a pattern with clear orange orange orange the pattern didn’t work out evenly so I went with a different pattern.

Now you can heat up your iron tool (or uncap your superglue).

You will know your tool is hot enough when it slightly burns paper when touched with the tip.

Know you can begin to iron on the crystals. Press the iron over the top of the crystal evenly for 15 seconds or until it is bounded.

Keep heating each jewel one by one until you have attached each one in the first row.

Now you will want to start placing the jewels for the second row.The instructions for the jewels suggest using tweezers to place them, but I used my fingers, just make sure you do not touch the jewels until they have cooled down or you might burn your fingers.

Finishing heating up and fusing the second rows crystals.

Feel free to do a more complicated design, the design I did was just kept simple. But now your phone has a little bit of shine and personality. Enjoy!

Painted Glass

Looking for inspiration for a project this week I remembered that I had shown you all how to create charms for your wine glasses but I had not shown you how to re-design your glasses so that they could be re-used with pride.

Plain clear glasses are boring and have no personality. You are not plain and your glasses shouldn’t be either!

Painted Glass


Supplies needed:

  • Old Drinking Glass
  • Paper Towels
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Newspaper (to protect table surface)
  • Air-Drying Enamel Glass Paint (translucent)
  • Clear Glitter Enamel
  • Paint Brush
First you will want to make sure that the glass is clean, to do this wash the glass with soap and hot water. Rinsing with hot water will allow it to dry faster.
To make sure there are no spots on the glass go ahead and dry the glass with a paper towel.
Now that your glass is clean you will want to take rubbing alcohol and go over the glass surface that you plan to paint. This makes sure there is nothing on the glass so that it is as sparkly and clean as possible on the glass surface. Now it is all prepped for painting.
I bought translucent paint pots of air-drying glass enamel and for the cherry on the cake, I bought glitter enamel to put on the top sides of the glass.
So now lay down the newspaper and place your glass on it and begin painting!
I did horizontal stripes of colors. Which I started with a white stripe around the glass.
After using the white paint (or any other color) you will want to clean the brush with rubbing alcohol so that the colors stay distinct and separate.
Then, I followed the white stripe with a black stripe.
Especially after the black stripes you will want to clean your brush with rubbing alcohol.
Now if at anytime in this project you drip paint on the glass that you don’t want in that particular spot, have no fear! It can be erased with a bit of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to rub off the spot.
I followed that black stripe with a red one for a splash of color. see why it is important to clean the brush in between colors? You want the red to really pop! If there was still black on the brush it would be a blah red.
After the red stripe clean the brush again.
Now do the last black stripe under the red stripe. And you could add more stripes below this if you choose, I try to keep it simple but it all depends on the day. Some times less is more, and sometimes more is more.
To complete this project I used the glitter enamel to draw a thick glitter line right below the rim of the glass.
Go ahead and sign on the foot of the glass I put a P for Paige ( obviously:) ).
And there you go, you are done! Let the glass air dry for 24-48 hours before using. after that time the paint will be cured and the glass can be washed in the dishwasher.
I chose no particular spacing to paint the stripes and they are not even. That is the beauty of this project every glass will be slightly different. I prefer that my glasses be unique and slightly different. If this bothers you please feel free to use tape to create straighter lines. But I can tell you that because of the shape and curve of these glasses it is very difficult to make straight lines. So go freehanded and have fun with it.

Magazine Stars

This is a project I use to teach kids how to make years ago. It is great because it is really simple and almost anyone at any age can make them and it is a very cheap project to make. If you do not have magazines laying around feel free to use old scrap book paper. Also you can use different colors for different seasons or occasions to give a splash of color to a table or a book shelf.

I looked through some of my old magazines and mostly used ads because they have the most concentrated blocks of colors. feel free to just do black and white text for a classic clean look.

Magazine Stars


  • Old Magazine
  • Fiscars Paper Trimmer
  • Glass Jar with Lid


First choose some of the magazine pages that you like the colors of (I chose black, aqua, yellow). Then use the paper trimmer (or scissors and a ruler) to cut 3/8ths inch strips of magazine paper.

After you have cut all your strips you are now ready to start tying the stars. Start at one end of the strip and tie it into an overhand knot so that only a little tail of paper is left on one side.

Tighten up the knot so that it is a flat pentagon shape.

Take the small tail side and tuck it in to the middle of the pentagon.

Now take the long tail of the strip and start wrapping it around the pentagon shape being sure to line it up with the bottom of the side you are wrapping it around.

When you get to the end of wrapping the tail around the pentagon tuck the end into the pentagon there should be a visible “v” shaped spot to tuck in the tail. Now the pentagon is complete.

To make it into a puffy star take your thumb and pointer finger and pinch in the middle of two sides that are next to each other.

Pinch each side and you have completed your magazine star!

Do this with each strip and put them all into the clear glass jar.

The more stars you make the better the jar looks. so feel free to make a bunch. if you run out of magazines you can always use regular printer paper with song lyrics written on the strips in different colors.

Trick or Treat bag

When I was little we would always trick or treat with pillowcases. That way we never had to stop to empty our bags, we could just keep going and going.

This project will take less than an hour and help to personalize each child’s bag so that the candy will not get mixed up (can you think of a worse tragedy for a child? 🙂 )

So I hope you enjoy this project the supplies are cheap and it is a great way to use an old pillowcase.

Trick or Treat Bag

Supplies needed:

  • Cardstock 12 x 12-inch Paper
  • Clear packing tape
  • Old Pillowcase
  • Cricut Machine
  • Opposites Attract and Doodlecharms Cricut Cartridges
  • Cricut 12 x 12-inch Cutting mat
  • Cricut Spatula
  • Black Spray Paint (or the color you prefer)
  • Newspaper (when spray painting)


First you will take two pieces of card stock paper and cover one side of each piece of paper with clear packing tape. Covering the paper in the tape makes it so that the paint does not seep through the letter of design causing the pattern to be ruined.

After you have covered the paper, place one of the coated papers on a Cricut cutting mat and put the Opposites Attract cartridge in the Cricut Machine. Choose which letters you would like for your design. I used “I want candy!” at 3 inches, but you could also put “Happy Halloween.” Make sure the machine is set to the hardest pressure and the blade casing is set to number six.

While still using the first coated paper, take out the Opposites Attract cartridge and replace it with the Doodlecharms cartridge. Choose the candy icon and cut it out at a size of 4 1/2 inches three times.

Then load the second coated paper on another cutting mat and load it into the machine. Still using the Doodlecharms cartridge cut out spiders and pumpkins at a size of 2 3/4 inches, three times each.

Now that all the shapes and letters that you needed cut out are go ahead and pull them off of the cutting mat (use the Cricut spatula if necessary.)

Then take all of the shapes and letters you cut out along with the pillowcase and the spray paint outside into a well ventilated area and put down newspaper if necessary.

Arrange the design elements on the pillowcase where you would like them.

Now spray the spray paint over all of the design elements.

Let the design dry for a couple of minutes and then remove the letters and shapes. Be careful you will probably get paint on your hands if you would like you can wear gloves during this step (in hindsight wear gloves, trust me).

After it is completely dry you will want to wash it before using it so that it does not smell like spray paint. Your bag is complete! Happy trick or treating!

Charming Wine Charm

For this project I decided to use some of the wire I used in the thread and wire earrings because I have so much left over. I wanted to use beads with it this time, so I dug through my old craft bins to find some beads that I thought would work well for the project. With my huge stock of beads it was not hard to find some good ones.

You will notice that in the photos there are some decorated wine glasses. So to answer your question, yes I did decorate them with glass paint and glass etching. I used these glasses because I took old wine glasses that where just sitting around and I re-designed them so that they would be used again. therefore I consider the wire and the glasses recycled.

Charming Wine Charm


  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Needle-nose Pliers (not pictured here)
  • Flower Petal Beads
  • Leaf Beads
  • Small Round Bead
  • Diamond Shaped Beads
  • Disc Shaped Beads
  • Wine Glasses
First you will need to strip the old electrical wire so that you have wire to work with (I had a lot of issues with this step this time). Be sure to use the correct size in the stripping tool or else you will keep cutting the wire instead of stripping it.
Once the wire is stripped, separate the copper strands from one another. You will only need a single strand of copper per wineglass charm.
For the first step of putting the wineglass charm together you will want to secure the first leaf. Feed the wire through the leaf bead and then loop the wire back around through the bead to tie the leaf in one spot.
Next put the two large flower petal beads on the wire followed by a small round bead.
Then take the end of the wire that is closest to the last bead put on the wire (the small round bead). and feed it back through the two large petal beads.
Next, you will want to put the second leaf on the side without a leaf already and loop the wire around the bead to secure it, like you did for the first leaf.
Now you are finished making the center piece of the charm.
Now add beads on the wire on one side of the flower. I did a one/two pattern with the diamond beads and the disc beads.
On the same side that you just added the beads, take the wire left over after the beads and use the needle-nose pliers and shape the end wire into a loop and cut off the extra.
Then put beads on the other side in a pattern that matches the first side you did. Then take the extra wire on this side and fold it in half and wrap it around itself.
Now you will want to fold the wire into a hook shape. This will then be hooked into the loop that was created on the other side.
Link the ends together around the stem of a wineglass. Congrats you are done! These make a great party favor at a wine testing party and take only 10 minutes to create.
Other Examples:
Experiment with different colors and make a whole set of them!

Knotted T-shirt

This particular project I learned how to make in high school from my sister. I learned a bunch of different knotting and cutting techniques and I have included my favorite combination of them in this project.

So if any of you are like me you have a bunch of old T-shirts that are huge and don’t fit you. Well this is the perfect way to adjust those old shirts so that you can wear them again.

Knotted T-shirt

Supplies needed:

  • Old  large T-shirt
  • Scissors


First lay out the T-shirt flat and cut up both of the sides until you get to the sleeve on each side.

Once you cut the sides, the front and the back should only be connected from the sleeves up.

Then you are going to cut notches into the sides so that there are strips that are an inch wide and 2 inches long going up to the sleeves.

Once you have cut the strips up the sides, take the scissors and cut off every other pair of strips. This will allow there to be enough space to actually knot the sides together.

Now take and tie the front strip to its corresponding back strip until you have double knotted all the strips together.

Then take and stretch both sides of the shirt to loosen up the ties on the sides.

Now that all the ties are done you will want to cut off the collar of the shirt in a half circle shape.

Now your old shirt is new again! Enjoy!

For more ideas on crafts with T-shirts check out the Generation T blog under my resources list.